Bulletin Inserts: January 2015

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Heritage Builders Weekly Parenting Tips



There is a difference between needs and wants.  Gather around a table, and place a glass of cold water in front of each family member.  In the center of the table, place a glass filled with a soft drink.  Ask what life would be like without soft drinks. Then ask what life would be like without water.  Ask everyone to take a drink of their water then discuss:  What is the difference between water and soft drinks? (Water doesn't taste as good; water is a need, soft drinks are wants.) If you had to choose between unlimited water for a week, or one six-pack of soft drink, which would you choose?  Share:  We can survive without soft drinks because our bodies don't need them to keep us alive.  But if we didn't have water we couldn't survive.  This is the difference between needs and wants.  Have each person draw a picture of things they touch or use in a typical day (beds, clothes, food, toys, books, etc.)  Circle the ones that are needs.  Remember to explain that what some people consider to be a "need" could be considered a luxury to someone in a different socioeconomic situation.  Discuss:  If you had a limited amount of money to spend, and you owned nothing, which things on your list would you buy first? (A bed, house, clothing.)  What does this tell us about the way we spend our money? (Most is spent on "wants"; we really don't have many things we have to buy.)  Share:  A wise spender doesn't use all of his money for "wants" or luxuries before taking care of the needs.  To be wise spenders, we must first take care of the things that are most important, and then we can think about buying some of the things that are "wants."  Close in prayer thanking God for His provision in providing for the family and taking care of our needs, and asking for wisdom in using money the best way possible to live a life glorifying to Him.


WEEK 2:  God Made All Things

After reading the Creation story in a children's picture Bible, pull out a large box of linking toys such as Legos.  Help the kids make several designs (people, cars, houses).  After completing the "creation" process, take the creations apart and place the individual pieces on the floor.  Ask, "How long do you think it will take for these pieces to put themselves back together without any help from us?" (Answer: It will never happen.) Next, take the toy pieces and place them in a bag.  Ask the children to shake the bag and then dump them on the floor.  After the pieces fall randomly, express frustration.  "I wanted them to fall into place to re-create the same designs we made! Why didn't it work?" Try again, over and over.  The kids will consider you silly, which is what you want.  Pose the question: "How many times do you think it will take shaking and dumping before they become the designs again?" (It will never happen.) Explain that many people believe that the world simply made itself rather than God creating it on purpose.  Just as you were silly to expect the toys to fall into place, it is silly to think our entire world made itself without a Creator. Close in prayer, thanking God for his beautiful creation of the world and all the people in it.


Week 3:  Compliment Fight

Everyone knows what an insult fight is.  Instead, start a compliment fight!  Go around the table and everyone go at it!  Compliment each other like you were having an insult fight, but with compliments.  "You are great at fixing things!"  "Oh, yeah? Well, you are a great swimmer!"  "Oh yeah? Well, you're the fastest biker in the neighborhood," etc.  Really let each other have it.  Ask:  How did it feel to have so many compliments hurled at you? Which were your favorites? Read Ephesians 4:32: "Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ, God forgave you."  Share:  We've all had people say unkind things to us.  What the world needs is more kindness.  When people are kind to us, it makes our whole day better, no matter what else is happening.  You can do that for others.  Do you know the difference between a thermometer and a thermostat? A thermometer only reads the temperature, but a thermostat sets the temperature.  By being a kind person, you can be a thermostat wherever you go, setting the spiritual temperature of the room.  Other people's spiritual temperature can go up because you were there being kind and sharing God's love.  Everyone share the name of one person you know who could use a touch of God's kindness, or maybe a family you know that your family could do something kind for as a group.


Week 4:  Attention Grabber

Read or summarize the story of Daniel and King Belshazzar found in Daniel chapter 5.  Explain that King Belshazzar made some bad choices in his life and God wanted to let him know He wasn't happy about that.  God uses all kinds of creative ways to get our attention when we've done something wrong.  But God doesn't get our attention just to make us feel bad - He wants us to learn what we're doing wrong so we can change and make things right.  Tape a large sheet of paper of poster board on a wall.  Have children each take a turn writing a message or drawing a picture of something God might be saying to them.  For example, someone might write, "Obey your parents," or draw a picture of a heart to suggest that God wants us to love one another.  "I issue a decree that in every part of my kingdom people must fear and reverence the God of Daniel" (Daniel 6:26).  Close in prayer, asking God to help us be mindful of things He is speaking to us about, and to be good listeners for His Kingdom, so we can glorify Him with our lives.

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