Heritage Builders Global is making an impact In several countries.

Every year, Heritage Builder Workshops are being held all over the world.  From family workshops, to church training and family camps, we are helping families come together in faith for our Lord.

Help Support Family Training in India!

iMap and Heritage Builders Global have joined together to provide family training for leaders in India.

We have 80 leaders signed up for training and the projected cost will be $80.00 per leader.  The money will be used to purchase materials for each leader at the conference.   The remaining $1,600.00 will be used to fund conference expenses.

These national leaders will use their training to teach  their people in discovering and passing on to their families their own Christian heritage.

The funds are needed by June 15th!

For as little as a $5.00 donation, you can have a part in this vital work that will pay dividends for generations to come.  We need your help!!!

Please be a part in this vital campaign and feel free to share this project with all of your friends!